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Interior Painting

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Exterior Painting

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Interior Painting

correct painting

Interior Painting Services in Toronto, And GTA

interior painting

Whether you have a new home or you just want to freshen up the interior of your home, hiring Correct Painting for all your interior painting needs is an effective and a simple way to get the project done on time and done correctly. Our professional interior painters are knowledgeable in every aspect of interior painting and can not only make your project go quicker, but look way better as well.

Here are some benefits you will receive when hiring an interior painter from Correct Painting for your next project:

Picking the right colour for the interior of you home.

If are you are sick of the old colour of your walls or they were painted white or cream, and you would just like to add some colour. You have a few options to choose from when picking the right colours for the interior of your home.

1. You can choose colours from the colour sample package that we can lend to you after the estimate.

2. We can have a colour from an item matched for you!. Example. If you have a pillow with a colour you like on it, you can lend us the pillow for the day, we then take that pillow to our paint store experts and they can make us paint with the same colour as your beautiful pillow. Of course your pillow will not be harmed!

3. You can enlist the help of our expert Interior Designer. Their support and guidance can help you choose the perfect color, including adding a color scheme that is creative, eye catching, and matches your personality and decor. Working together with our expert interior painters can transform a plain looking home into a master piece

General Painting Preparation

interior painting prep

As with any exterior painting service, it is very important that you take time to properly prepare any interior surface that you want to paint.  This will help ensure that the finished paint job will look smooth and uniform, and that it will last a long time.

For interior painting, good surface preparation requires
that you thoroughly clean - and, if necessary, repair
those surfaces that will be painted.  These simple steps
are essential to get professional-looking results.

Whether you are painting walls, ceilings, or trim, the
starting point for any interior painting project is to clean
the surface you are about to paint.  Remove accumulated
dust, dirt and grime by scrubbing surfaces with a sponge
and mild household detergent solution.

If your walls are like most, they will need some minor repairs before painting. The same is true of ceilings and trim. We start by making a careful inspection of the surfaces we will be painting.  Looking for and then fixing every crack, gouge, hole, open or uneven joints in woodwork, and cracked, chipped or peeling paint.

Applying Colour

interior painting toronto
Of all the steps, applying color is the one we enjoy the most. It’s also the most exciting time for most homeowners! Correct Painting uses only undiluted, top of the line paints to ensure maximum coverage, durability, and beauty. In most cases, two coats provide excellent coverage.

In most cases, applying the paint with rollers and brushes
provides the best finish and minimizes mess. Backrolling and back brushing (techniques that push the paint into the wall’s porous surface) create a better seal and an attractive, subtle texture.

In new construction, applying paint with a sprayer
gets the job done faster and reduces labor costs. Unpainted acoustic ceilings are also best painted with a sprayer. In these situations, we typically combine sprayers, brushes, and rollers to create the best finished result.


Trim pieces are given the same careful attention as the main color. Existing painted windows and woodwork are carefully hand brushed. Stained wood is revitalized with fresh stain and a durable clear coat finish; this can be done without removing the trim. Doors, and trim are sprayed, either on or off site, depending on the existing finish and desired result.

New or replacement trim and doors are often per-finished off site, then installed and touched up.


After every paint job, we clean up and replace fixtures and furniture. We carefully
inspect the room for mistakes and touch up where needed. We encourage you to come with us on this final walk-through; it’s your home, and we want you to be 100% satisfied.

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Exterior Painting

correct painting

Exterior Painting Services in Toronto, and GTA

Exterior painting of your home or business is often the last project exterior painting toronto ontario
to be completed. Why? While interior painting job's have an array of variables, they often can be controlled. Exterior painting job's are much harder to control and you must deal with much more diverse variables, such as weather, animals, and more. This makes planning and completing an exterior painting project very challenging.

However, hiring a professional exterior painter, can
help alleviate some of these issues and provide you with a
completed project that is beautiful and exactly what you have wanted for years.

At Correct Painting, we take the time to properly prepare all exterior surfaces before painting. A properly prepared surface accepts color better, lasts longer (even in harsh Toronto winters!) and looks alot better.

Below all the step we take to be sure your exterior painting lasts forever and looks amazing!

Power Washing

power washing torontoDirt, pollution, and other contaminants prevent paint from adhering well to your homes exterior. The first step to any exterior painting project is a good power washing. In most cases, soaps and other chemicals are unnecessary.

Scraping and Sanding

exterior painting prep

A full evaluation of your home’s exterior is included with every proposal. The condition of your existing paint determines the amount of surface preparation. Multiple layers and cracked, flaking, or
peeling paint must be removed and the surface smoothed before paint can adhere.

Although pressure washing usually removes some loose paint, most exteriors require some scraping, sanding, or wire brushing to remove
loose paint. At Correct Painting, we use a combination of techniques to achieve the best results. On smooth wood or Masonite siding and trim, a combination of hand scraping and power sanding create the smoothest surface.

Heavily textured surfaces, such as stucco, rough cut cedar, or embossed siding cannot be sanded without losing their characteristic textures. These materials are hand scraped and/or wire brushed to remove loose paint while retaining the integrity of the siding.

Covering and Protecting Surface Not To Be Painted

exterior painting prep work

We at Correct Painting, understand that there are many areas in your yard that you DON’T want painted! Protecting these surfaces from paint spatters and over-spray is an important part of the preparation process. When possible, we will move toys, planters, and decorative items from the work area. Items that remain are covered with drop cloths or carefully masked. Horizontal surfaces, including driveways, sidewalks, and decks and patios are protected with heavy butyl-backed drop cloths. Windows and
doors are covered with masking paper or plastic film.


Raw wood and unpainted areas are primed before caulking and painting. Not all primers are created equal; Correct Paining uses ONLY the appropriate, best-quality primers! We will determine the best primer to use based on your individual situation.

  • For most surfaces, fast-drying, stain-blocking primers are the best option. This is especially true for water damaged surfaces and high-tannin materials like redwood and cedar.
  • On most surfaces, including wood and Masonite, Correct Painting uses an alkyd, or latex based, primer.
  • Brick and stucco are sealed with an acrylic primer.
  • Cinder block is primed with an acrylic block fill primer.

Not all areas require primer. If the underlying paint is in good condition, we will test for compatibility with the new paint and, when possible, apply the new color directly over the old.


With Toronto's, hot summers and cold winters, proper sealing is vital to the life of your paint job. As an added bonus, our attention to eliminating gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior can actually reduce your energy bills!

We fill gaps and cracks in fascia boards and trim, around windows, and soffits with elastomeric sealants before painting. Properly sealing these areas prevents moisture penetration, reduces drafts and heat loss, and prevents pests from entering your home.

Applying Colour

exterior painting torontoCorrect Painting uses top of the line exterior paints for all projects. After all the prep work and masking is done it is now about 70 % finished and we can now start applying paint. In most cases, we will apply two (2) coats of color, allowing the first coat to dry completely before applying the second. If additional coverage is needed, we will apply additional coats to achieve a perfect result. Correct Painting uses top of the line exterior paints for all projects.

In general, the main colour is applied with a sprayer. The first color coat is back rolled or back brushed to create a uniform, long lasting finish. To do this, we use a roller or brush to push paint into cracks, and around nail heads. On lap siding, back brushing and back rolling help create a better seal where two boards meet. The second coat is a finish coat. It is applied with only the sprayer. This creates a uniform sheen.

Trim, Windows and Doors

Two (2) coats of paint are applied to exterior of your home’s trim using a brush or roller. Sometimes, trim covers a large portion of the house; in this case, paint is applied with a sprayer.

Shutters and painted windows are brushed. Depending on the current condition and type of finish, doors are brushed, rolled, or sprayed. On new doors, spraying produces the smoothest finish.


Touch Ups and The Final Walk-Around

At the end of every job, mistakes are touched up and we carefully inspect the entire exterior for uniformity and quality. We invite our customers to walk around the building with us. Once we are satisfied that the job meets our high standards, we’ll hand over all remaining paint in the original containers. The paint can be used later for reference and touch-ups.

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Commercial Painting

correct painting

Commercial Painting Services in Toronto, And GTA

commercial painting toronto

Correct Painting is your #1 Toronto and Gta Commercial Painting Company. Specializing in the application of commercial and Industrial paints and protective coatings. From small businesses to large commercial retail centers, Correct Painting has the solution for any of your commercial painting and industrial painting projects.
Having serviced a wide variety of industries in the commercial and Industrial arena throughout Southern Ontario we understand that performance and reliability is crucial for your business to stay competitive and we can accomplish that in the most efficient and effective way.

Using high end commercial and industrial coatings to low odor to 0 VOC paints and from highly impervious epoxies and urethane's, our highly skilled commercial painters are ready to handle your most challenging painting or industrial coatings projects. Our painters are trained and certified in the use of aerial lifts. We only use paints and materials based on the customers needs and provide top of the line workmanship in the commercial painting and industrial coatings industry. Our industrial and commercial painting crew is fully covered with worker's compensation and liability insurance.

commercial painting company toronto

Our services include:
- Industrial Parks  
- Banks 
- Warehouses    
- Tanks / Silos
- Hotel Painting
- Schools
- HOA's / Condominiums        
- Hospitals
- Shopping Malls       
- Churches
- Townhouses
- Corporate Centers
- Retail Space           
- Parking Structures     
- Gas Stations
- Colleges
- Hospitals
- Office Space 
- Industrial Facilities   
- and much more

We specialize in painting interior and exterior
of buildings, warehouses, town homes, gas
stations, schools, Home Owners Associations,
Warehouses, Office Suites, Silos and Tanks. 
We realize that every customer has different
needs. We will provide you with a detailed
estimate and a  painting specification if
desired.  Understand unique needs and 
formulating and executing the best on site

commercial painting toronto

Our  Painting service offers experience
personnel and up to date resources, we are
committed to  deliver your commercial
painting project in a timely manner, safely,
in a cost effective way with minimum
disruption for your business and day to day
operations and guaranteed long lasting
protection for your  infrastructure with the
desired aesthetic results.

If you are a business owner or a facilities
manager and you are in search to hire a
Commercial Painting Contractor in
Grater Toronto Area or need any
information about products and services,
call us at(647) 828-3426 or contact us
Correct Painting is a painting contractor that is fully licensed, insured and its painters are trained and certified in the use of aerial lifts. We only use materials based on the customers needs and provide top of the line workmanship in the commercial painting and industrial coatings industry. Our commercial painting crew is fully covered with worker's compensation and liability and insurance.

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