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Interior Painting Services in Toronto, And GTA

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Whether you have a new home or you just want to freshen up the interior of your home, hiring Correct Painting for all your interior painting needs is an effective and a simple way to get the project done on time and done correctly. Our professional interior painters are knowledgeable in every aspect of interior painting and can not only make your project go quicker, but look way better as well.

Here are some benefits you will receive when hiring an interior painter from Correct Painting for your next project:

Picking the right colour for the interior of you home.

If are you are sick of the old colour of your walls or they were painted white or cream,
and you would just like to add some colour. You have a few options to choose from when
picking the right colours for the interior of your home.

1. You can choose colours from the colour sample package that we can lend to you after the estimate.

2. We can have a colour from an item matched for you!. Example. If you have a pillow with a colour you like on it, you can lend us the pillow for the day, we then take that pillow to our paint store experts and they can make us paint with the same colour as your beautiful pillow. Of course your pillow will not be harmed!

3. You can enlist the help of our expert Interior Designer. Their support and guidance can help you choose the perfect color, including adding a color scheme that is creative, eye catching, and matches your personality and decor. Working together with our expert interior painters can transform a plain looking home into a master piece

General Painting Preparation

interior painting prep toronto

As with any exterior painting service, it is very important that you take time to properly prepare any interior surface that you want to paint.  This will help ensure that the finished paint job will look smooth and uniform, and that it will last
a long time.

For interior painting, good surface preparation requires
that you thoroughly clean - and, if necessary, repair
those surfaces that will be painted.  These simple steps
are essential to get professional-looking results.

Whether you are painting walls, ceilings, or trim, the
starting point for any interior painting project is to clean
the surface you are about to paint.  Remove accumulated
dust, dirt and grime by scrubbing surfaces with a sponge
and mild household detergent solution.

If your walls are like most, they will need some minor repairs before painting. The same is true of ceilings and trim.
We start by making a careful inspection of the surfaces we will be painting.  Looking for and then fixing every crack, gouge, hole, open or uneven joints in woodwork, and cracked, chipped or peeling paint.

Applying Colour

interior painting toronto

Of all the steps, applying color is the one we enjoy the most.
It’s also the most exciting time for most homeowners!
Correct Painting uses only undiluted, top of the line paints
to ensure maximum coverage, durability, and beauty. In most
cases, two coats provide excellent coverage.

In most cases, applying the paint with rollers and brushes
provides the best finish and minimizes mess. Backrolling and back brushing (techniques that push the paint into the wall’s
porous surface) create
a better seal and an attractive, subtle texture.

In new construction, applying paint with a sprayer
gets the job done faster and reduces labor costs. Unpainted acoustic ceilings are also best painted with a sprayer. In these situations, we typically combine sprayers, brushes, and rollers to create the best finished result.


trim and door spray painting

Trim pieces are given the same careful attention as the main color.
Existing painted windows and woodwork are carefully hand brushed.
Stained wood is revitalized with fresh stain and a durable clear coat
finish; this can be done without removing the trim.

Doors are brushed, rolled, or sprayed, either on or off site, depending on the existing finish and desired result.

New or replacement trim and doors are often per-finished off site, then installed and touched up.


After every paint job, we clean up and replace fixtures and furniture. We carefully
inspect the room for mistakes and touch up where needed. We encourage you to come with us on this final walk-through; it’s your home, and we want you to be 100% satisfied.


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